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Hello to Feeling Productive !

Join the Virtual Co-Working Club today!

Why join the Club?

  • Working together is MORE FUN & CREATE SOCIAL CONNECTION!

  • Being more focused and productive is essential for you.

  • Increasing motivation, productivity and happiness while working will be so helpful!

Introducing the virtual

co-working club

Here is what you get when you join


2-hour & 15 minutes

Virtual Co-working Focus Sessions

(3-4 per month)

Experience the power of this research-based productivity method - the ultimate fuel for focus, motivation, decision-making, well-being, and pure FUN!

(*note: usually Thursdays or Fridays)

3 Week FREE Trial + 22€/month

Cancel anytime

Take advantage of the 3-week trial and the accessible monthly investment, risk-free. No minimum contracts and cancel anytime.

What Members Are Saying

This is for you if ...

🌱 You are a soul-led, heart centered entrepreneur (solopreneur) or women working from home that values wellbeing of humans & nature.


🌱 You are able to take advantage of the time slots available

(usually Thursdays or Fridays).


🌱 You find yourself procrastinating and know that dedicated focus time will help you make significant progress towards growing and expanding your business.


🌱 You feel more motivated when there are others keeping you accountable.


🌱 You feel lonely while building your business and/or working from home and want some community to share the experience with.


🌱 You get more accomplished when working alongside others.


🌱 You want to connect with other women while working from home.

What happens in a Virtual Co-Working Focus Session?

  • First 10 minutes - We arrive into the space together, turn off distractions, 2 minutes meditation, and check-in with each of us to set up the intention for the Virtual Co-Working session.

  • You have 2 options:

    - Mute the Zoom session and work undisturbed for as long as you would like - and/or -

    - Follow along as I guide the group with the 🍅 Pomodoro technique - a research based method proven to increase focus and productivity! We will be working in 25 min "sprints" and pausing for 5 minutes energizing breaks (with so much FUN!)

  • Last 10 minutes - We will finish strong with a final break, accountability check-in and celebrate each other for staying focused and productive.

What are women working on in these Virtual Co-Working sessions?

Anything that needs to be done in your

business/ job and you have been procrastinating for the whole week.

Here some examples:

✔️ Planning for the month/quarter/year

✔️ Admin work - managing emails, organizing documents & to-do lists

✔️ Creating social media content

✔️ Writing blog articles

✔️ Setting up a freebie funnel

✔️ Fulfilling orders

✔️ Create tutorials for clients or VAs

✔️ Designing flyers and business cards

✔️ Finishing client projects

🚿🛁🧼 Get started for the day (in morning sessions)

What's on your to-do-list?

Come knock it out with us!

Ready to join the club?


Cancel Anytime | No Long Term Commitments

🔥 Accessible Monthly Investment + 3 week free trial

🔥 4 per month - 2hr & 15 min Virtual Co-Working Focus Sessions

Carve out focused time to work with a like-minded community. Be more productive, and say bye-bye to procrastination!

Frequently Asked Questions

When are the sessions?

You will receive a link to a calendar so you can see the dates and times on the month: usually will be either Thursdays or Fridays at 9 am or 1 pm CET.

Can I come and/or leave early?

You will have the full experience if you come on time and stay until the end.

However, there is no requirement to do so. This cam simply be dedicated time slot in your calendar to focus and you can come late and or lease early if you wish.

How do I join the sessions once I sign up?

We meet on Zoom!

In the mail you will receive once registered, you will have access to a calendar (downloadable for Google calendar or ical) with the Zoom link.

What can I work on during the sessions


What do you typically procrastinate doing? That might be a good choice for these sessions because you can ask for accountability to finally get them done!

Here are some examples of what other participants worked on in the past:

· Social media content

· Graphic design

· Blogs

· Planning podcast themes

· Tasks for their corporate jobs

· Admin work

· Bookkeeping

· Creation of website and landing pages

· Email marketing sequence

· And the list goes on and on ...

Will there be talking or noise during the sessions?

You have the option to mute the entire session if you would like.

The co-working session will be quiet except for our beginning and ending check-ins and me alerting you that it is time to take a break every 25 minutes.

The breaks will also not be silent as we will either be watching a video, or I will be guiding the group through something fun!

Your questions answered - General

What if I can not make it to live to any of the sessions

The sessions can only be experiences live as there is no recording of the sessions.

How much does it cost?

The current investment is 22€ per month with a 3 week FREE trial, cancel anytime.

Do you offer refunds? Is there a minimum commitment upon joining?

There is no minimum time commitment. You may cancel anytime.

I do not offer refunds for payments already processed.

If you decide that you want to cancel in the middle of a billing cycle, you will have access to sessions through the end of that billing cycle.

For example, if you usually get charged on the 5th of February, and you decide on February the 12th that you want to cancel, you may do so, and you will stay have access to sessions through March 5th.

Do you offer 1:1 coaching sessions?

Yes I do!! The best way to start working with me is to connect with me in a FREE consultation. The idea is to have a casual chat about what is your dream life vision and see if working together can be the leap towards your goals.

I have questions not listed here and/or would like to speak with you before making the decision to invest.

I would be happy to talk to you! Please e-mail me at [email protected] or DM me on Instagram @mireia.harmoninlife